B! the CHANGE! Gândește global, Acționează local!

Leading agency: Asociația Mai Bine
Partners: Asociația Reversibil
Area of interventions: Iasi, Iasi county
Total budget: € 38.409,78
Requested contributions: € 34.547,12
Duration: 12 months
Start and end date(s): 1 Nov 2018 – 30 Oct 2019

Summary of the project

The B! the CHANGE! projects wants to bring in their contribution for the growth of the number of people in Romania (mostly from Iasi and Moldavia) who can understand the importance of a sustainable life style and who can assume the responsibility of acting in concordance with that virtue.
The project will have three specific objectives that cover the four major components of the education for the durable development: informing, awareness, change of attitude and of the behaviour. The activities proposed for the first objective are the elaboration of the materials used for the education of people, after that comes the online and physical dissemination of these materials. For the second objective that concerns awareness the activities used are training sessions and experiential sessions. The third objective takes into account the activities that allow the direct participation of the beneficiaries in events where they can learn to put into practice diverse components of the sustainable living. There will be twelve activities in total that will be implemented during a one year period for the general public and especially for the people in Iasi our goal being at least 10 200 beneficiaries.
This projects is in line with actual priorities of the association oriented towards the theoretical and practical promotion and the supplying of alternative sustainable life styles. The funding would help to approach new target groups and to teach them to be accountable for their actions.


2000 secondary and highschool pupils;
200 employees from private companies;
100 young people;
100 homeless people;
600 participalnts to the eco competition;
200 participants to the conivial meals;
50 people for a flashmob;

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